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Our story of love, loss, and new life found in the dark…

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Juli moves to Kenya to begin HIV work, but her plans change as she witnesses the suffering in hospitals and the need for hospice care in rural Kenya.


Juli & Titus welcome their daughter, Ella, into the world in 2013. Growing their family takes an unexpected turn when a premature baby arrives at Kimbilio Hospice.


Juli & Titus hear the news that no parent ever wants to hear. Three of their children have sickle cell disease.


Juli & family move to Los Angeles, CA to prepare for bone marrow transplants. A two-week stay with friends turns into months.


Juli and Titus take Ryan into the hospital to begin transplant. While battling for hope while Ryan is in the hospital, they also fear having to do it again with G.


Juli & family prepare to return to Kenya while saying goodbye to their life in Los Angeles.  Even though Kenya is home, they have been changed by the journey.